So how did I come to love small cock? Simple.

I fell in love with a guy before he ever touched me. When The Arab was making me laugh and smile, hugging me everyday, and helping me through my relationship problems with my husband, I didn’t realize I was falling in love with him.

The first time we had sex, I had already figured out that he was from the continent of Asia and was probably smallerish. I expected it. Which was different from all the smallerish guys that I had been with in the past. In the past, I had always considered it a disappointment.

This time I went in with the knowledge to know what to expect, size wise. And I didn’t care. I was looking forward to it. I wanted to devour every part of him.

I went over to his house that night, about two weeks after leaving my (larger than average, almost hairless) Kenyan husband, knowing that The Arab would be smaller than average, hairier than “normal” and perfect in every way.

I have never in my life wanted to please someone as badly as I wanted to him. I was so afraid to disappoint him. I never wanted sex to last all night, until him. Which, in turn, taught me to slow down. Savor the moment that I wrap my tongue around the head of his cock. Love the feel of it, the rock hard shaft as it enters my mouth. Slowly, licking with my tongue all the way down. Having the entire thing in my mouth. Hearing the little noises escaping his lips…

I realized that I was loving having his cock in my mouth. Loving the little moans while his friends are in the next room. I had my hands under him, at about where his ass and his thighs meet. I could feel the little tensing of the muscles every time my mouth came down on his cock.

I tried putting his hand on the back of my head, to give him a little control and me a little direction, but he took his hand back and just laid there to enjoy. I think he likes giving me free-rein to do what I see fit. The only thing he seems to want to do while I suck his cock is to gather my hair behind my head so he can see exactly what I’m doing.

I love that he loves to watch.

The next morning, I woke up next to him. We had had sex the night before, afterward. He had had me every way possible and is, to this day, the only guy I’ve had anal sex with. (I might give away the vag freely, anal is something to think about.)

The Arab asked me to “put it in your mouth again”. I smiled (what I think was a) sly smile and made my way back down south thinking that I would put his cock in my mouth any time he wants. Or all the time. As soon as I got my mouth around it, he said “you the best at that. You have no idea. The best.”

Then he sighed, laid back and enjoyed it.